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[audio]bocciato - paolo guglielmoni
radio commercial for mcdonald's Italy
Keywords: commercial; irony
Downloads: 25
[audio]ironyhsuu - hsuu

Keywords: irony; hsuu
Downloads: 16
[audio]Bocciato - paolo guglielmoni
Radio commercial for Mcdonald's Italy
Keywords: irony; commercial
Downloads: 43
[unknown]Irony Film
Irony in the Everyday
Keywords: everyday; irony
Downloads: 5
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.irony from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.irony", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.irony
Downloads: 3
[movies]luna park - paolo guglielmoni
TV commercial for Mcdonald's Italy
Keywords: irony; commercial
Downloads: 99
[audio]The Cost of Kindness by Jerome K. Jerome - Carolyn Frances
A small town parish sends off a reverand they are happy to see go with unexpected results.
Keywords: short story; Jerome; irony
Downloads: 103
[texts]Die Ironie als entwicklungsgeschichtliches Moment; ein Beitrag zur Vorgeschichte der deutschen Romantik - Brüggemann, Fritz, 1876-
Keywords: German literature; Irony
Downloads: 158
[texts]The language of the Logos: the religiosity of Western irony - Shusko, Christa
Submitted to the Department of Religion in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Sweet Briar College for the degree with honors in Religion
Keywords: Sweet Briar College; Irony
Downloads: 123
[texts]Word irony and its context, 1500-1755 - Knox, Norman
Keywords: Irony (The word
Downloads: 530
[audio]08.05.21speech - Boggs
a new car and a motorcycle that is ready, both electric
Keywords: Tesla; irony; electric; Suzuki; motorcycle
Downloads: 70
[audio]Perplexing Paradox - Chris Buttery
If a firing range is a safe haven for deer, why can the church be a dangerous place for a Christian?
Keywords: irony; militant; remnant; triumphant; war
Downloads: 12
[texts]Die Ironie als entwicklungsgeschichtliches Moment [microform] : Ein Beitrag zur Vorgeschichte der deutschen Romantik - Brüggemann, Fritz, 1876-
Master Negative No. 92-0011
Keywords: German literature; Irony in literature
Downloads: 197
[audio]John 18:12-42 - Kyle Claunch
The Irony of the Cross (2)
Keywords: John; Cross; Irony; Barabbas; Caiaphas; Annas
Downloads: 27
[audio]The Daily Moyl - Edition 1 - The Daily Moyl
The Daily Moyl, an unusual newspaper
Keywords: news; irony; satire; daily; take; current affairs
Downloads: 3
[audio]Shrewd as Serpents; Innocent as Doves - Dr. Bucky Hunsicker
The Irony of Easter: 6 Great Paradoxes--1. Shrewd as Serpents; Innocent as Doves--Matthew 10:16--Dr. David "Bucky" Hunsicker
Keywords: irony; paradox; shrewd as serpents; doves; Hunsicker
Downloads: 16
[movies]Lesser of Two Evils Part 2 - NoiseCollector
Basil Marceaux is back to battle the Sodomite Rino's as they fornicate with other dudes for shits and giggles. Only a sampling of the hypocrisy of the defenders of the faith as they anally deviate and attempt to impregnant manwhores set to original music released under Creative Commons Attribution license. Watch as the last line of defense against socialist annihilation throws their own credibilty out the window like a used terd smeared condom...
Keywords: basil; marceaux; republican; gay; hypocrisy; irony; doom
Downloads: 833 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[movies]Bitter Irony - Jason Mills
Short student film about suicide.
Keywords: Bitter; Irony; Suicide; Music; Jason; Mills
Downloads: 18
[texts]Orsett Psychological Review No.23 - Kevin Brewer
Issue no.23 of semi-academic journal of psychology; June 2009
Keywords: psychology; ageing; physical attractiveness; bereavement; autobiographical; irony
Downloads: 166
[audio]Why Can't You Be Like Me? - Neal Locke
A tongue-in-cheek look at American culture and our intolerance of diversity.
Keywords: intolerance; bigotry; folk music; sarcasm; irony; diversity
Downloads: 854
[texts]5. Subverting Language.full
Khushwant Singh is one of the best -known Indian writers of all times. He is one of the finest historians and novelists and an outstanding observer and social critic. His assessment and comparison of social and behavioral traits ofpeople from India and the West is full of outstanding wit. He is considered as a realist and humanist in one and this picture of him is revealed in his work. His use of language is down-to-earth, realistic and often an exact translation of the Hindi or the Punjabi dial...
Keywords: Linguistic Innovation; Metonymy; Irony; Pidginization; Proverbs
Downloads: 32
[movies]King George and the Administration of Fear
By taking the President out of context, I've put into context what he's been pushing since 9/11... and that's FEAR. This piece was re-contextualized from a speech Bush gave just before the invasion of Iraq, listing the weapons Saddam had stockpiled...a claim which turned out to be false. The irony here comes through Bush's doublespeak that says more about US than the former leader of Iraq. Quicktime Movie 03:36
Keywords: bush; war; weapons; destruction; peace; saddam; iraq; fear; doublespeak; irony
Downloads: 423
[audio]Champion of Irony EP - Chago the Regicide
Chago the Regicide's 2002 EP, Champion of Irony.
Keywords: chago the regicide; champion of irony; folk; lo-fi
Downloads: 253
[audio]God Delivers His People: Exodus 2:1-10 - John Rush
Liberty's Message: The audio ministry of Liberty Church of Cosby, Tennessee: In this message, God delivers Moses so that Moses can someday deliver Israel from Egypt.
Keywords: Moses; Nile; Proper Child; Beautiful Child; Pharaoh; Irony
Downloads: 553
[texts]Hangover (caricature of a retarded hack) by Duane Schlitz - copyright 1994-1996 Duane Schlitz
Fiction. Humor, drama, drugs, sex, music, violence, sarcasm, irony. A slice of adventure from Denver in the mid-90's. Written while trapped in a cube in a trailer at a nuclear weapons factory each day for 10 hours with nothing to do but act like I was working, so I decided to write a story. Enjoy! Not for kids.
Keywords: Fiction; Humor; Drama; Drugs; Sex; Music; Violence; Sarcasm; Irony
Downloads: 436
[audio]This Song's About My Baby [AYoS 2008-01-28] - TK Major
Acoustic guitar and vocal w/ add'l guitar. Part of TK Major's blog/podcast project, A Year of Songs ( www.AYearofSongs.org ) Written for a "This Song Is About..." informal competition.
Keywords: song; repetition; compulsion; irony; self-reference; self-referential
Downloads: 1,087
[audio]The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut by Mark Twain - John Greenman
Mark Twain comes face to face with his Conscience, in a life and death battle that gets resolved, in the end, by his complete victory over it.
Keywords: Twain; conscience; short story; Mark Twain; Samuel Clemens; irony; comedy
Downloads: 47
[audio]The Llama & Panda Show Episode 1.5 - @vitaminp
In episode 1.5, the llama & panda explore...fine art.
Keywords: humor; sex; sexuality; adult; women; orbislame; vitaminp; twitter; social; media; art; irony
Downloads: 25
[audio]1Corinthians 4:7-8 - Sarcasm? In the Bible? No Way! - Tony Hayling
A devotional commentary on the verses mentioned. For more visit "http://agonizomai.blogspot.com"
Keywords: God; Jesus; Christ; Paul; Corinth; Corinthians; sarcasm; irony; pride; gifts; doctrine
Downloads: 119
[audio]The Llama & Panda Show - Episode 3 - Ode to My Love and the Bassist She Left the Bar With - @vitaminp & @orbislame
In this episode of The Llama & Panda Show, the softer side of Llama and Panda. Literature, strippers and poetry. Awww!
Keywords: humor; sex; sexuality; adult; women; orbislame; vitaminp; twitter; social; media; art; irony
Downloads: 22
[audio]The Llama & Panda Show - Episode 2 - @vitaminp & @orbislame
On this very special 4th of July episode of The Llama & Panda Show, we talk about pet safety, strippers, sparklers, dopplegangers and more!
Keywords: humor; sex; sexuality; adult; women; orbislame; vitaminp; twitter; social; media; art; irony
Downloads: 25
[audio]Mandolin Festival or the Fake Virtuoso - Andreja Andric
A home recording of a free improvisation on acoustic guitar, accompanied by another acoustic guitar. The recording of the two guitars was speeded up twice, to add fake virtuosity and brilliance to the piece.
Keywords: acoustic; guitar; guitars; speed; virtuosity; cheating; improvisation; humor; humour; irony; contemporary; classical; chamber music
Downloads: 41
[audio]Episode 3 - Ode To My Love and the Bass Player You Left With From the Bar - @vitaminp & @orbislame
In this episode of The Llama & Panda Show, the softer side of Llama and Panda. Literature, strippers and poetry. Awww!
Keywords: humor; sex; sexuality; adult; women; orbislame; vitaminp; twitter; social; media; art; irony
Downloads: 3,624
[audio]The Llama & Panda Show - Episode 2 - @vitaminp & @orbislame
On this very special 4th of July episode of The Llama & Panda Show, we talk about pet safety, strippers, sparklers, dopplegangers and more!
Keywords: humor; sex; sexuality; adult; women; orbislame; vitaminp; twitter; social; media; art; irony
Downloads: 1,379
[audio]The Gentle Grafter - O. Henry
LibriVox recording of The Gentle Grafter, by O. Henry. Read by Leslie Walden. If Jefferson "Parleyvoo" Pickens had appeared in print just a few years later, he might have been the "Gentle Grifter" instead of the "Gentle Grafter", the name O. Henry picked for him. His situation as an ethical graft artist gives Jeff an extra impediment in pursuing his craft, but he never wanted it to be too easy. The result is fourteen delightful tales for us and a number of new partners for him...
Keywords: LibriVox; audiobook; fiction; humor; irony; malapropism; confidence games; satire; short stories
Downloads: 2,735 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
Wherein MAE ASWELL becomes a Joe Sandwich with co-host JOE ANDREWS and guest, JOE NATION of Joenation.tv! Topics include raw meat couture; mutant mosquitoes; programming at a Gay Sports Bar; the irony of irony; why one should keep the toilet seat down; and Little Joe breaks out his â instrumentâ¦
Keywords: raw meat; mutant mosquitoes; gay sports bar; irony; feng shui; buddha; anti-bacterial beer; 2012; handicapped stalls
Downloads: 41
[audio]Sermon 02.03.2008 - Service by Hus Presbyterian Church, Sermon by Dawn Flippen
Hus Presbyterian Church (Cedar Rapids, IA) Celebration Worship Service on February 3, 2008.
Keywords: worship; sermon; celebration; Psalm 25; Isaiah 57; Luke 7; Hus Presbyterian Church; The Irony of the Alabaster Jar
Downloads: 76
[unknown]msr 001 - nuoh - the meaning of the history is to be misinterpreted - olaf no aka nuoh
it's simple - how i see the past when somebody else talks about it.
Keywords: nuoh; martwyskurwiel records; olaf no; olaf nowaczyk; noise; drone; depression; violence; irony; cynism; repetition; philosophy of existence
Downloads: 17
[audio]Radio Orphans Podcast 401 - Radio Orphans Dept. of Audio and Visuals
Welcome to Episode 401 of the Radio Orphans Podcast. This episode contains the following independent music for your listening pleasure: "Real" by Space Weirdo. Alternative rock from Spain. "Dogsmile" by Love Messengers. Power pop from Finland. "Back Down The Rabbit Hole" by The Sharp Things. Soul from New York. "We Are Stars" by Leaving Richmond. Instrumental rock from California. "I Can't Hear You" by I Plead Irony...
Keywords: music; podcast; indie; audio; Alberta; Love Messengers; The Sharp Things; Leaving Richmond; I Plead Irony; Space Weirdo; Radio Orphans
Downloads: 110
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4514: Irony - Funny or Die
Its like ten thousand spoons when you're trying to defend your humble convenience store from an armed robber. They'll only confuse him. Honestly, ten thousand is alot. Even for a industrial spoon shipment.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; alanis; cannibal potluck; convenience store; crack; funny; heroin; homeless; ironic; irony; molester; ten thousand
Downloads: 3
[audio]Truthquake Radio 2-19-12 show 60
Judge Andrew Napolitano and his TV show Freedom Watch get cancelled for telling the truth, Looking at the ecomnomic, the covert, and the propaganda wars as we move towards a hot war with Iran, Irony in the news. Truthquake broadcast 60 2-19-12 on 103.3 WXOJ in Northampton, MA. 8-10 pm Sunday nights. Listen live online at www.valleyfreeradio.org. join the Truthquake Radio page on Facebook. email- truthquake@gmail.com
Keywords: Judge; Andrew; Napolitano; Freedom Watch; cancelled; ecomnomic; covert; propaganda; wars; hot; war; with; Iran; Irony; in; the; news; truthquake; radio; valley; free; radio
Downloads: 2
[audio]msr003 - nuoh - pieśni niewinności doświadczenia w broken mirror - olaf no aka nuoh
other versions (not remixes) of "pieÅni niewinnoÅci doÅwiadczenia" released by smell the stench net label. mostly inspired by william blake's "songs of innocence/experience" and "proverbs of hell" and la vey's vision of satanism.
Keywords: nuoh; martwyskurwiel records; myspace.com/nuoh; martwyskurwiel.blogspot.com; william blake; anton szandor la vey; satanism; occultism; mysticism; irony; drone; noise; black metal; hate; smellthestench.net
Downloads: 19
[audio]Rubenerd Show 231 - Ruben Schade
The conspiracy theory episode! I would post a description, but it would just be a conspiracy! Warning: heavy ironic and satirical undertones! Download MP3 35:27, 20.3MiB
Keywords: conspiracy theories; new world order; nonsense; irony; satire; ruben schade; recorded in singapore; podcast; new time radio; audio magazine; talk radio
Downloads: 566
[audio]Technology - Amy Lohrman
my ideas on the matter http://butterflyhousechronicles.tumblr.com/post/55569446010/gravity-cartoon http://archive.org/details/GodIs_949 http://archive.org/details/HappyHands
Keywords: humor; technology; ideas; opinions; observation; random; think; thoughts; mental; resources; innovation; building; use; housing; lifestyles; city; urban; development; homeless; people; shelter; irony
Downloads: 13
[audio]Unanswered 6: I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means - Steev Bishop & Nicolas Papaconstantinou
Sometimes we can be wrong without even knowing we're wrong, because the meaning we thought we knew turns out not the be the meaning at all. Whilst this could lead to potentially disastrous effects, Nick and Steev instead prefer to focus mainly on songs. That is when they do actually focus on the topic and don't find themselves distracted by social awkwardness; learning to drive; the movie Innerspace; or interruptions from a flaky broadband connection...
Keywords: podcast; philosophy; amateur philosophy; unanswered; steevbishop; nixsight; irony; inigo montoya; the princess bride; inconceivable; misuse; inappropriate wedding songs; desk calendar wisdom; aphorism; rathole; broadband
Downloads: 89
[audio]Art Monthly Show on Resonance FM, 08 October 2010 - Art Monthly and Resonance104.4 FM
Art Monthly show host Matt Hale is joined by John Douglas Millar and Andrew Hunt. John Douglas Millar discusses the ethics and aesthetics of docu-art In an age saturated with news footage of international disasters, artists question photojournalism. John Douglas Millar cites artists such as Renzo Martens, Harun Farocki and Aernout Mik, and asks: does art's subjectivity give it a unique angle on the exploitation of tragedy? 'Artists who critique how we consume images of atrocity pose questions ab...
Keywords: Art Monthly; Renzo Martens; Harun Farocki; Aernout Mik; Ariella Azoulay; humour; irony; john douglas millar; Martin Kippenberger; Christian Jankowski; Wolfgang Tillmans; Ludwig Seyfarth; Andrew Hunt; Matt Hale
Downloads: 590
[texts]Deliberative Oratory in the Darkest Hour: Style Analysis of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's Speech at the Security Council [Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies, Vol 3, No 1 (2011): pp. 25-52] - Syeda Sara Abbas
In 1971 Pakistan suffered a near death experience: genocide, civil war, migration and territorial configuration. Central to understanding this experience is the statement of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto at the Security Council that not only embodied the Pakistani reaction and explained the national viewpoint; it also brought forth the major complexities and participants. The focus of this paper is a style analysis of the statement delivered by Bhutto on December 15, 1971...
Keywords: Bhutto; Pakistan; Bangladesh; India; United Nations; Security Council; pedantic style; Oratory; diplomatic language; hyperbole; irony; pathos; Tashkent Pact; surrender; fall of Dhaka; theatrics; audience
Downloads: 127
[audio]Truthquake Radio 2-19-12 show 60
Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch TV show gets cancelled over his willingness to tell the truth, looking at the economic, the covert, and the propaganda war mounting towards the upcoming hot war with Iran, Irony in the news. Truthquake broadcast 60 2-19-12 on 103.3 WXOJ in Northampton, MA. 8-10 pm Sunday nights. Listen live online at www.valleyfreeradio.org. join the Truthquake Radio page on Facebook...
Keywords: Judge; Andrew; Napolitano; Freedom Watch; TV show gets cancelled; economic; covert; propaganda; war; mounting; towards; hot; war; with; Iran; Irony in the news; truthquake; radio; valley free radio
Downloads: 9
[audio]Undeath in the Ghost of Bushes: Postmodernism and Environmentality - Timothy Morton
A talk by Tim Morton, response by Allison Carruth, and Q&A by Tim Morton, Allison Carruth, Karen Jacobs and John Crossley.
Keywords: ecology; postmoernism; Brian Eno; David Byrne; My Life in the Bush of Ghosts; nihilism; Heidegger; Kant; irony; objects; object-oriented ontology; aesthetic; aesthetics; evil; Anthropocene
Downloads: 175
[audio]Better Bitter Banter - Episode 5 - lil' Tom and Paul
The mountain passes prove perilous but not as menacing as the mantises multitude! That's Right!!! Episode 5 is HERE!!! Show 5 Notes: 1.) Intro/International Hello! 2.) UAIEO 3.) Better Get To Know A Bitter Banter-er #1, AKA Farcical Experiment in Media Abstraction (FEMA) 4.) Opportunistic 5.) *Deleted Scene: Clowns 6.) Outro
Keywords: Comedy; Humor; Hilarity; Commentary; Sarcasm; Criticism; Politics; Progressive; Liberal; Satire; Genius; Hard Work; Waste; Time; of; Wasting; Cheeky; Bastards; entertainment; banter; bitter; better; happy; funny; goofy; irony; FEMA; press conference; writer's strike; ufo; aeiou; intro; outro; clowns; international; hello
Downloads: 101
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